Our story

Gerontopoulos Catering

Our Memories

It was just before 1950 when a very young Yannis Gerontopoulos left his island, beautiful Sifnos, and headed for Athens dreaming of learning the craft of pastry making.

The realisation of his dream was not an easy matter. It took time, effort and a great deal of patience to advance from errand boy to being the master in the already well known high-society patisserie of his uncle in Athens.

After 30 years of hard work in the pastry workshop, where he also met his other half, his longing to bring his family and his craft to his beloved Sifnos started becoming a reality when with the help of his wife and his then and still now associates he opened the first traditional patisserie of the island.

His passion and his love for the island and its products propelled him to the top, counting today 70 years of "sweet history". In turn, we, as the second generation, feel strongly the obligation to maintain, and why not develop further, the values we were taught since children, growing up in this space that by now we call "home".

So it is the doors of our home we open every year for you, colouring our traditional family recipes with discreet touches of contemporary creative pastry making, but also going beyond that!

One of the first patisseries in Sifnos island

Our story

Since 1950

In 1950 we opened the Gerontopoulos patisserie in Apollonia, the capital in the centre of the island.
The meticulous selection of ingredients, the low prices but also our fantastic customer service, have been our trademark since!

Our approach

Only fresh ingredients

Here, at Gerontopoulos catering, we work only with the best food suppliers like small family farms, making sure we always offer you products made with the best raw materials.

Traditional sweets from Gerontopoulos Catering at Sifnos
Making cakes at Gerontopoulos patisserie


Experience and art

Our experienced staff fully trained in the preparation and serving of sweet and savoury dishes contribute creatively in achieving the best results and they are a guarantee for the success of your event.