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Unparalleled gastronomy, high aesthetics, impeccable service and state of the art equipment define Gerontopoulos catering.

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Gerontopoulos catering at Apollonia of Sifnos
Camera shaped birthday cake at Sifnos


Unique ideas

It will be our pleasure to impress your loved ones preparing for their celebration a very special cake that will represent them in taste and presentation, showing this way how much you care about them.

Savory flavors

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Choose from our wide selection the right titbits and snacks for your celebration, birthday or school reunion and leave the rest to us. The quality of the ingredients, the experience and the enthusiasm of our staff guarantee the most palatable result.

Great variety of savory flavors for parties in Sifnos
Traditional Sifnian sweets by Gerontopoulos


Traditional & Modern

Inspired by the island we live on we prepare for you the most delectable traditional local desserts and we create original recipes that blend wonderfully with our homeland and its unique course in the history of flavour.

Come to try and decide together which sweet and savoury combinations are best suited for your party.

Gerontopoulos Catering at Apollonia of Sifnos