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Our superb flavours, the high aesthetics, the impeccable service and our state of the art equipment will take the flavour of your wedding to a whole new level.

What we offer


Catering Gerontopoulos at Apollonia of Sifnos
Wedding cake decorated with olive leaves

Wedding cakes

Unique flavors

Our talented team of pastry chefs will pick the best ingredients for your desserts and will transform them into exquisite creations. We guarantee that your cake and desserts will fully reflect your style and taste, becoming a focal point in your reception.

Baptism sweets

Colorful & cute

The decoration team undertakes to make every child’s dream come true. With original ideas and experienced staff we will transform your desserts into a dream world that will be unforgettable to our young friends and your guests.

Sweet treats for vaptisms at Sifnos
Assortment of sweets by Gerontopoulos catering


Variety & style

We are aware that anniversaries are among the most treasured moments of your life which is why we make sure the stay etched in your mind in the most wonderful way possible. Whether you are looking for bold or for classic sweet enjoyment, we will take care to satisfy the senses of even the most discerning guest, and of course of yours.